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Luna is a sweet older bunny that we received in June 2016. She was left outside in the winter and her ears were frostbitten. She has also lost sight in 1 eye. This sweet little lady needs someone who can show her that she is sweet even if she isn't perfect.
Jeffrey is a little boy bunny. He is the timid guy of the group but will do well once he warms up to you. He is now neutered and ready for a home.
Tj is a little boy. He is a jumper and enjoys seeing what everyone else in the rescue is doing. He is now neutered and ready for a home.
We were very surpised when Weston was actually a Whitney, but her love for Tiny didn't change just because we were wrong about her gender. Tiny and Whitney are very social and love people. Whitney is a bit of an escape artist, so you will want to keep that in mind when you choose a pen for her.
Val and Carrot are an active duo. Carrot got his nose bit in a fight, and it left him with an interesting battle scar. They have been with us since 2016 and would love to have a home to roam.
Schroeder was brought to us in 2016 and is a nervous bunny that would love to learn that people will not hurt him.
Bonnie Blue is a larger rabbit that has a gorgeous gray blue coat. She is friendly and would love to be your friend.
Stoni arrived from Utah July 2107. He doesn't mind being held and petted but doesn't really like loud, barking dogs.
George came to us August 2017 at 8 mons. He is very friendly and enjoys being petted on your lap. Don't be put off by his size. You won't find a friendly rabbit.
Phoebe came into the rescue on August 19, 2017. She is very soft and is ready for a new home.
Fable came to us on August 15, 2017 from living in a wire hutch. She is happy to have the chance to hop on a solid floor and is learning lots of new things, such as what a broom is. She is pretty friendly but not to sure about being carried from place to place.
Quinn came to us when her family had a house fire just before Christmas. Life happens and her family is no longer able to bring her home. Quinn is not only gorgeous but very gentle. She would make a sweet family companions.
Henry is a strong male looking for someone to care for him. He is friendly, but likes to be cuddled on his terms. He is neutered and ready to be adopted.
Erin is a adorable smaller rabbit. She is still warming up to people, but doesn't mind being held and cuddled once she knows what you want.
Jack is s lovely angora. He is extremely friendly and will come when you call his name if it is quiet. He loves to be cuddled and loved but he will be a high maintenance rabbit. Because of his stunning longhair, he will need to be brushed a min of three times a week and preferably daily. He gets a lot of things stuck in his hair, including regular litter and hay. We have found that a towel in h...
Patrick recently lost his mate when she passed away. He is doing well, but would love to find a home that would cuddle and love him since he no longer has a mate to give him those special loves.
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